Why I believe trusting in a higher power is a huge advantage and optimization even if it seems dumb, naive, even counter-intuitive in today's culture, because instead of having to chase and pin down the concept of trust with people who are faulted by their own problems and desires and having to 'feel good' about a thing before you can do it (but how would you know if you haven't!), you accept everything as it is and trust that this perfect omnipresent force has put you right where you need to be (or not) to help you reflect on your current thoughts and emotions and shape your instinct, intuition, drive. From this, nothing is an accident, everything is a lesson, your heart is open and listening, and its easy to feel when you're aligned and not aligned with your true purpose but given grace to figure it out. It's an important question today with AI and algorithms because we'll eventually give these machines the powers of gods but with the training data of every human fault, likely eliminating our ability to trust others, machines, even reality itself! More important than ever to go inner and reach higher because it's going to get really confusing!

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