hello! i’m nancy

i am originally from the suburbs of fremont, california, where i spent much of my waking hours online in the fantastical worlds of club penguin and fantage. when not online, i spent the rest of my hours adorning pokemon and anime girls and long-necked cats and ugly creatures on every possible drawing surface (including my friends’ arms at recess). in college i found new ways to adorn my ideas and inscriptions on other people, mainly through writing and art and sometimes videos.

i write here occasionally about reflections and random revelations, sometimes more sophisticated thoughts but moreso half-baked musings. ‘chicken nuggets’ of wisdom if you will… or at least wisdom as it feels in the moment to me as a twenty-something year old

one day i will share these stories with my grandchildren and they will be inspired or call me ‘the weird grandma’ and i will have considered my life meaningful

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paint splatters, occasional essays, and half-baked nuggets


salt water taffy